About Us

We are leading Media and internet promotion provider in India. We offer best deals for various types of Software which will ease your work from the open sources search engine to collect data from the google like for example collecting the shop's information from google maps, how many shops are there present in the google maps for particular location. By using our software you will be benefited in the given below terms. 1.No Man Power 2.Cost and Efficient 3.Durability 4.Open Source code 5.Freeware code no privacy concern.


Lead Management

if you are searching for Lead campaign manager, then we are one of them and our team are capable of delivering desired result. If you are not sure if the Manual leads no working out try our open source coded software for extraction.

Our Mission

To decrease the man power and to to turn in to automation

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow as a trusted brand among Software circles on a professional note, by providing timely services to our esteemed clients, thereby earning their goodwill in the long run.

Our Approach

Our expertise of Lead management includes, but are not limited to more development of Lead campaign strategies, powerful Lead campaign software

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